When a project needs a boost, we can staff up fastdoubling or tripling crews if needed. We have access to highly respected engineers and architects to help with the vision of our clients if needed. We are able to effectively  

Buck Valley Drywall is among the leaders in commercial wood framing in GA. We are currently seeking framing construction jobs that include large projects like churches, schools, and apartment buildings.

Our metal framers are all highly experienced and skilled in all facets of the framing process. We work with the utmost precision in everything we do from the initial measurements to maintaining complete structural integrity.

Metal Framing has come a long way over the last several years, and is now considered to be superior to Wood Framing in many regards. While Metal Framing can be used in many residential remodeling or addition projects, it is especially useful for commercial projects. It is no secret that most owners today need to get the most out of their building budgets, and Metal Framing is one way to make that happen.

A great remodel or new construction project depends on sturdy and accurate framing. Framing is basic to all buildings and structures, it’s the skeleton of your home or business place, and it has the important task of holding up the structure. At Buck Valley Drywall we understand how important the framing process is to the overall success of any project we work on. We also understand that everything we do  depends on precise framing techniques, and this applies to Metal Framing as well as Wood Framing.

We can assist our clients during each phase of the process, starting with selecting the best Metal Framing materials to use for any given type of construction. Our experts can explain the difference between Light Gauge Metal Framing and Heavy Gauge Metal framing. Our experienced staff is ready and able to answer any questions you may have concerning Metal Framing for your project. If metal framing is not the best option for your project, we will say so. Contact us today and let’s discuss your project!


Wood Framing

At Buck Valley Drywall we use some of the very best Metal Framing materials available today. Light gauge Metal Framing is a suitable and reliable alternative to Wood Framing in many cases, and is often used for interior framing. But, as is true with any type of construction job, it is imperative that the homeowner or business owner work with professional and competent contractors. Working with Metal Framing requires special skills and expertise which some contractors simply do not possess.